About Us

Amigo is a mental healthcare app, which provides a platform for the therapist and the user to connect to each other. We provide 24x7 assistant to the user via a chatbot in the absence of immediate professional help. While there are benefits to the users, there are features to help our professionals too. Easy maintenance of records, convenient scheduling of appointments, secure storage of sessions reduces the chance of losing data backed up by technologies like Blockchain, ML and AI.



Mental Healthcare

What the startup is About?

We provide a learning community where students, faculty, and staff can engage, collaborate and communicate more efficiently and can stay updated for event competitions, sessions etc.


Lost your Prescription,Uh-gain?
Having trouble recognising your mood patterns?
Stigma around mental health hindering you to get professional help?
Geographical remoteness affecting your therapy schedule?
Maintaining patient records a hassle?
Linguistic barrier holding you back from expressing yourself?

Target Customers

People Suffering from Mental Health issue

Potential Market

Potential Market 150 Mn
People in need of mental healthcare in India 10 Mn
People who use mindfulness apps 4.5 Mn
45% potential limit of SAM

Why us?

➔ Available 24/7:
No more wait times to see a therapist
➔ Safe and private:
Talk about anything without judgment
➔ At your pace
Respects your needs and timing
➔ Affordable
Save money while accessing science-based techniques

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