About Us

We are Go_Green from MIT Academy of Engineering, we are presenting Engine Exhaust Treatment. In India, domestic fuel burning is responsible for nearly 30% of the total CO2 emissions, of which 72% comes from road transportation. To counteract the ever-growing problem of air pollution through exhaust systems, a system for exhaust filtration which converts carbon emissions and prevents it from adding to the atmosphere. Unlike the existing tech of catalytic converter which only converts them to a less harmful form, but we are to separate the carbon contents of gas. Hence, could be used for any equipment which utilizes an engine i.e. automobiles, generators, lifts, cranes, industrial machinery, etc. Catering a solution to air pollution caused by emissions from IC engines and its derived machineries; by integrating the technologies of chemical, mechanical & automobile engineering sectors together.



Clean Tech

What the startup is About

The Go Green Technologies develops & supplies engine exhaust treatment systems for Automobile and Power Generator Manufacturers.


● Transport & Generator Sectors in total contribute to 23% of Air Pollution
● Low Efficient Exhaust Treatment System
● Direct Exposure of pollutants to nascent environment
● Extra R&D expense
● Difficulty in Operation & Handling of equipment

Target Customers

Automobile industry.

Potential Market

262.6 million units
> National
3.6 million units
> Local
3 Lakhs units
> Local (Pune)
Target Technology Oriented

Why us?

● Utilising Air Pollution as a Resource
● To create a green, innovative, efficient & economical exhaust treatment system
● To create awareness & presence in local Pune sector by December 2021
● To collect & re-purpose 500 Tonnes of CO2 by developing value added products worth of INR 5 million by December 2022