About Us

An innovative contract farming startup with a focus on low budget natural farming. We Provide low-cost, Organic farm produce to consumers Our Produce is sold at District Markets, Malls & Supermarkets.




What the startup is About?

We are trying to disrupt the Vegetable produce segment by providing healthy organic food. No chemicals, no junk!


People in Urban areas are health conscious compared to rural areas. Due to health consciousness, they look out to buy chemical-free products. Organic is the solution.

Target Customers

Our niche would be health-conscious people looking for chemical-free, organic produce in the market but anyone that wants to eat healthily is a potential customer

Potential Market

Supermarkets, District Markets, Malls

Why us?

• No fertilizers or chemicals
• Least use of water
• Least money required for production
• In the hands of the consumer at the lowest price
• A good quality product can be produced irrespective of the environmental conditions

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