About Us

Our product is a soft skill enhancing platform where students can practice and improve their soft skills related to placements and job interviews. It is a web/app based platform where, Students can upload their presentation videos; Presentation videos will be graded by soft skill experts based on eye contact, voice modulation , confidence , etc ; Students will get a sharable soft skill profile containing their scores.We have included features like expert grading and peer grading in our product.



Education Sector

What the startup is About?

Platform where students can practice their soft skills.


We came to know how our seniors were able to crack quantitative aptitude round, programming round etc. However they were not able to crack final HR round. It was the moment where it clicked with us that students are not able to get job because of lack of soft skills. So we came with an idea that there should be a platform where students can practice their soft skills.

Target Customers

Students preparing for job interviews, or any individual willing to improve their soft skills.

Potential Market

Schools , Engineering and MBA colleges (targeted), Tie ups with Private companies

Why us?

Our product is easy to use and reliable where you can practice your soft skills and get the score, also a sharable soft skill profile.

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