About Us

We offer both petrol and electric bikes. We had started with only 1 Activa as a trial and after 2 and a half months we are available at 3 locations with 18 bikes running day and night. Our plan is to add 280 more bikes into the fleet and serve across Pune and then start services to another city soon.




What the startup is About?

Online Bike Rental Service


We identified problems related to travelling among college students where Cab was not cost friendly when number of people willing to travel are limited to 2 / 3 or an individual. There are traffic jams in the cities due to overpopulation. Cabs are expensive, public transports are crowded and buses cannot go everywhere. Hence people are unable to reach their destinations on time.

Target Customers

Students, Teenagers, Youth having driving license and willing to travel conveniently at affordable prices.

Potential Market

Bike Rentals, Car Rentals

Why us?

We offer Bike Rentals which help you save money, save time, avoid traffic and go everywhere conveniently.

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