About Us

A few private hostels in the city are fleecing students and unemployed youth during the lockdown claimed that the managements have asked them to pay the monthly rent despite their absence. So we assist students in packing their belongings, get it delivered to their homes at an affordable price.



Movers & Packers

What the startup is About?

To assist students in packing their belongings and get it delivered to their door steps.


Some students were asked to vacate the hostel at a short notice after the imposition of the COVID-induced lockdown despite of restrictions on public and private transportation

Target Customers

College Students, Coaching students, It employees, Locals

Potential Market

College students, Coaching students, IT employees, locals or any other person who are unable to collect their belongings personally from their hostels, flats etc.

Why us?

We provide services such us:
• Pickup from Hostel/PG and Door delivery at destination
• Packing and documentation support
• We charges 50% less than any other luggage shifting platforms
• 24×7 Available Service
• Convenient Value Added Services
• Online based tracking of consignments

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