About Us

Their mission is to take technology up to the root level and make people digitally educated about software use in their business. From developing ERP software, payroll software,website, app development, they are also doing digital marketing,web hosting. They have tie-up with colleges for guiding students and giving them internship and training.



Software development

What the startup is About?

Customized software with optimized solutions.


In our day today the life of a student staying updated is important. So here we have built an app which keeps track of syllabus,events, etc.

Target Customers

All those who need Software services related to 1. Application development
2. Healthcare domain
3. Banking & Financial Sector
4. Real estate development
5. Automotive services
6. Education services
7. Enterprise business
8. E-commerce business

Potential Market

TSS works on problems which are faced by people in their daily life like lengthy calculation of billing, maintenance of product stock, more paper work to check daily records and more time used for tally of calculations and similar problems.

Why us?

1. Provide solutions
2. We are punctual
3. We are friendly
4. We are quality provider
At TSS we are committed to deliver right blend of knowledge, skills, expertise with our unique and proven delivery mechanism spells success for our clients.